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Legal Custody Battle of Jackson’s Children
By Centro de ADN
Created On
Thursday, March 25, 2010
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Thursday, March 25, 2010
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Legal Custody Battle of Jackson’s Children

In a legal custody case which may possibly turn out to be very complex, the custody for Michael Jackson’s children have begun. This case may become the most publicly battled in the history of legal custody in America.

Not different than in his father’s life, the children of world famous Michael Jackson, may not be able to avoid public involvement in the decision of their legal custody. This legal custody battle may also shake the legal system in relation to custody cases because of the complexity of the parent’s surrounding issues. First, the rumors that Michael Jackson was not the biological father of his children, especially the two oldest children, but that he just obtained legal custody through the biological mother. Second, the rumors that Debbie Rowe, the alleged biological mother is, in self-interest, fighting back for the legal custody she had renounced, in exchange of millions, in 2003.

Although genetic testing has proven to solve countless legal custody cases, the case of Michael Jackson’s children may not be as easy. Jackson’s death has ignited a controversy regarding the custody of his three children. Through his last will and testament, before he died, Jackson clearly indicated he wanted his mother to have legal custody to raise his children in case of his death. Besides, he also stated that in case his mother would not be available to take legal custody of his children, he wanted the legal custody to be granted to his best friend, Diana Ross.

On the other hand, Debbie Rowe, Jackson’s ex-wife and alleged biological mother of the children, has decided, against Jackson’s wishes, to fight for the children’s legal custody.

It appears that the upcoming custody case regarding Michael Jackson’s children will resemble the same turmoil he faced when he was alive. The custody case involving the children of one of the most famous entertainers in the world, promises to be extremely controversial. The complexity of the case may involve factors like, the rumors that Jackson was only the alleged father of the children and that Rowe was only the surrogate mother of two oldest children. Of course, all these factors are only rumors which have not been proven.

Although the results of genetic testing have been worldwide and successfully used in courts to resolve legal custody cases, the case of Michael Jackson’s children, may not be as easy as it usually is.

Even though Michael Jackson’s wishes were clearly stated for his mother to have custody of his children, this wish may prove to present a challenge for the courts. Mainly, the California law states that in the case of the death of one of the parents, the custody of minors goes to the living parent. Unfortunately, although Jackson’s request was clear, his desire to have his mother raise his children may not be as easy as his wish. According to the law, Debbie Rowe may be the best candidate to get custody. Without a doubt, the answer is forthcoming, and the case proceedings may turn out to be just as his life, full of controversy.

If there is not a direct DNA sample left that belongs to Michael Jackson, there are a number of options that his genetic profile can be obtained, including performing paternal grand parentage testing (assuming both of his parents are available) or performing siblingship analysis with his brothers and sisters.

Drawing lessons from this situation, it is not a bad idea for heads of households to have their DNA profile performed during calm times, so that if any post mortem questions were to arise, it would be much easier and economical to prove or disprove such paternity allegations.

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