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A family relationship (sibling/grandparent/avuncular) test report includes a table listing the different DNA markers tested and the alleles (forms of genes) found (the DNA profile). Also reported are the Probability of Relationship and the Combined Relationship Index values. The DNA profiles include the raw data on which the statistical calculations are based. To understand the result, clients will want to focus on the Probability of Relationship:

A probability of relationship from <1% to >99% may or may not indicate that the tested alleged relatives are actually biological relatives. Relationship test reports will include a statement of conclusion, which will explain the meaning of the probability of relationship obtained in a specific test.

Interpretation of Familial Test Results

Probability of Relationship > 99% = Very Probable

Probability of Relationship > 95%-99% = Probable
Probability of Relationship > 80%-95% = Indication
Probability of Relationship > 20%-80% = Uncertain
Probability of Relationship > 5%-20% = Doubtful
Probability of Relationship > 0%-5% = Improbable

It may also be helpful to know that a Combined Relationship Index of less than 1.00 will likely result when individuals are not biologically related. A Combined Relationship Index of 1.00 or greater is more likely to result when individuals are biologically related. The greater the value of the index, the greater the likelihood of being biological relatives.

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