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Prenatal Paternity Testing (by Amniocentesis or CVS)
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In some situations, clients may wish to determine paternity of a child that has not yet been born. Prenatal DNA paternity testing is possible. To perform a prenatal paternity test, a special type of sample must be obtained in order to test the child. There are two methods to collect a DNA sample from an unborn child

Special DNA Tests - Prenatal Paternity Testing Amniocentesis: performed by inserting a thin, hollow needle into the uterus and removing some of the amniotic fluid that surrounds the fetus. The sample may be collected between the 14th and 24th week of pregnancy.

Chorionic Villi Sampling (CVS): performed by inserting a needle into the uterus and removing small fragments of the developing placenta. The sample may be collected between the 10th and 13th week of pregnancy.

The expectant mother must first consult an OB-GYN to discuss whether or not she may be able to have an amniocentesis or CVS. These procedures are not standard and typically, a physician will not perform either unless there may be medical reasons to do so, as the procedures are invasive and pose some risk to pregnancy. Please also be advised that prices quoted here for testing do not include amniocentesis or CVS, or any other doctor's fees. Our DNA testing staff will work directly with the physician to obtain samples, if and when a prenatal sample is collected.

To Test the alleged father and mother, buccal swab samples should be provided.

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Private Prenatal Paternity Test

Includes testing of buccal swab samples from alleged father and mother (optional, but recommended), and a prenatal sample to test the child; 5-7 business day turnaround.
Please call 800-DNA-EXAM, or write to Info@800dnaexam.com for detailed instructions.

 Private Pre-Natal DNA Paternity Test Summary:  
The Steps are as follows:
1. Consult Your Physician
Contact your physician to discuss the methods for collecting (fetal) DNA samples..
2. Contact Us
Call our DNA specialists at toll free 800-DNA-EXAM (800-362-3926) to initiate a pre-natal DNA test; arrange for sample collection from adult test participant(s).
3. Submit Samples/Receive Results
We will arrange for the fetal DNA sample to be submitted directly to our laboratory. Upon receipt of all samples, results will be available within 2 weeks
  *Test fee does not include the mandatory chain of custody sample collection fee for the alleged father and/or mother (optional). This fee is $50 per person.
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"I just want to thank the continued professional and courteous service your Customer Service team provided me during the stressful waiting period for the DNA results. I contacted both your phone support and instant chat support teams at least twice and received concerned support each time. Never did I feel like they thought I might be calling too much and needed to be more patient. I truly appreciate their consideration and patience during this time."
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