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Bio-Synthesis, Inc. begins Mitochondrial DNA Testing or MtDNA, making it one of only a handful of labs to perfect the technology. MtDNA Testing allows Forensic scientist to get a profile from samples that are old or possibly damaged, where the usual technique may not be effective.

Mitochondrial DNA Testing, also known as MtDNA, is the preferred method of sampling used by forensic scientists around the world. MtDNA is extremely abundant. In any human cell, you can expect to find hundreds of copies of MtDNA, and only two copies of the DNA in the nucleus.

MtDNA is a resilient source of DNA that can be extracted from hair, bones and teeth. It is passed from generation to generation along the maternal lineage. Although mtDNA cannot prove paternity, it can do much more in regards to maternity. This inheritance pattern enables the use of a vast array of potential maternal relatives as comparison standards in a case. There is no change in mtDNA from parent to offspring. Since mtDNA is found in old to ancient remains, mtDNA profiles can be traced to tens of thousands of years ago. This allows researchers to make forensic comparisons between a maternal reference sample and an unknown, even though several generations may separate the samples. MtDNA has proven to be extremely effective in determining maternal lineage and even maternally related siblingship.

At the same time, mtDNA can be extremely valuable to investigations of unsolved cases. Forensic laboratories use mtDNA to exclude possible matches between missing persons and unidentified remains. This is extremely useful in circumstances involving compromised DNA samples such as: mass disasters, missing persons investigations, or cases involved limited samples of questionable quality.

MtDNA is the latest technology to emerge from the DNA testing field in 10 years. The DNA Identity Testing Laboratory at Bio-Synthesis, Inc. (BSI) is currently sequencing mtDNA samples for maternal lineage and criminal investigations. BSI is headquartered in Lewisville, Texas is the global leader in DNA testing including, Paternity, Maternity, Siblingship, Avuncularity, Grandparentage, and Forensic Samples, Private and Legal Cases since 1995. For more information, please contact BSI at 1-800-227-0627 or visit our website at www.800dnaexam.com.


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