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  Human Tissue Profiling and Tissue Identification Service

Human Tissue Identification

Bio-Synthesis, Inc. (BSI) offers fast and reliable Human Tissue Identification services using STR DNA typing to assist pathologist and clinical laboratories in confirming tissue sample verification and to eliminate possible contamination or misidentification of a patient/ donor sample. DNA profiling by short tandem repeats (STR or microsatellite markers) is a fast, affordable and highly discriminating method to identify human tissue. Due to the highly polymorphic nature of each STR locus, every human tissue will have a unique digital bar code that can distinguish it from others. Our facility is equipped with state-of-art technology by providing client with Human Tissue Identification services with speed and reliability.
  • Highly Informative
    Utilizes multiplex STR technology, which includes analysis of 15 genetic loci and 1 sex determination locus (Amelogenin) for high resolution profiling.
  • Highly Sensitive
    Capable of positively matching unknown and reference patient/donor samples to 99.9999+% certainty.
  • High Throughput
    Based on 5-dye chemistry, which allows higher density multiplexing with better spectral resolution to minimize false positive calls due to fluorescent artifacts.
  • Integrated Workflow
    Utilizes Applied Biosystems Genetic Analyzer, GeneScan, GeneMapper® ID Software.
  • Fast Turnaround
    5-7 business days
Applications for STR Typing in Human Identity Testing and DNA Diagnostics
  • Forensic DNA Casework
  • DNA Databases
  • Mass Disasters
  • Missing Persons
  • Military Casualties
  • Parentage and Kinship Testing: paternity testing, immigration issues, inheritance claims
  • Genetic Genealogy & Answering Historical Questions
  • Authenticating Human Cell Lines
  • Detecting Genetic Chimeras
  • Monitoring Transplants
  • Monitoring Needle Sharing
  • Detecting Cancer Tumors
  • Mapping Genetic Diseases
  • Examining Human Population Diversity
The Solution Through Use of STR DNA Typing
The standard DNA typing process used at Bio-Synthesis involves simultaneously amplifying fifteen STR loci and the Amelogenin locus in a multiplex PCR reaction (from Applied Biosystems AmpFℓSTR® Identifiler® ) capable of detecting as low as 500 picograms of genomic DNA (~ 15 diploid cells). The amplicons are separated by capillary electrophoresis and analyzed using Applied Biosystems Identifiler® kit and GeneMapper® Software. The pattern of repeat results in a unique STR identity profile for known (reference sample) or unknown sample. The unknown and reference sample profiles can be used for comparison analysis. The two profiles should result in an exact match of greater than 99.99+% certainties. If the profiles do not match, then it can be determined that an error occurred with the placement or labeling of the unknown sample when it was first collected. Further testing can be performed on other known patient/donor samples to identify the unknown sample.

Slide Sample Preparation Requirements
  1. No dye on the tissue slides
  2. No cover glass on the slide
  3. No fatty tissue
  4. The thickness of the tissue should be 6 microns
  5. Please provide minimum of 2 slides per tissue sample but 4 are preferred
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Human Tissue Identification Premium Package

Profiling and comparison of slide tissue samples and known standard swab sample.
Client provides:

  • 2-4 slide tissue samples*
  • 1 buccal swab sample

Bio-Synthesis delivers:

  • Slide tissue profile
  • Buccal swab profile
  • Comparison and analysis report of slide tissue sample and buccal swab sample
Human Tissue Profiling

Please provide 2-4 slide samples*

Human Tissue Sample Comparison Study

2 different human tissue profiles will be compared and analyzed to produce a clear report of the resulting match status.

Price does not include DNA profiling for tissue samples

*Additional charges will apply if sufficient DNA cannot be extracted from the first 2 slides
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