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Genetic Reconstruction

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Genetic reconstruction may be used to help establish paternity and to determine other types of familial relationships.
Special DNA Tests - Genetic Reconstruction based on Biological Relationship
In some cases, a biological relationship needs to be established between an individual and another who is deceased or otherwise unavailable. When close relatives of that individual are available, their samples may be tested to reconstruct the genetic pattern of the "missing person." For example, if paternity of a child needs to be determined, but the alleged father is not available for testing, then testing of the following persons' samples may be done to reconstruct the alleged father's 

DNA profile:

Child in question
Child's mother
Child's alleged paternal grandmother and grandfather
Other situations may call for other types of genetic reconstruction. Please inquire by contacting our 

DNA specialists

 or click here to contact us or 800-DNA-EXAM (800-362-3926).
How reconstruction can be done:
Mitocondrial DNA, mtDNA, which is passed from a mother to all of her children, can be studied to link individuals through maternal lineage, for many generations. While men do inherit mtDNA from their mothers, they do not pass it on to their children.
Y chromosome, Y-STRs, which are passed from a father to his male children, can be used to determine paternal lineage among alleged male relatives. Therefore, women can not participate in Y-STR DNA testing, as it is only useful for male individuals and their presumed paternal male relatives.
When is genetic reconstruction used?
Genetic reconstruction can be useful in identifying and reuniting biological family members such as in adoption, It can also be used for immigration cases when a relationship between family members needs to be proven and one or both of the parents are missing. Results of genetic reconstruction may be used as proof in Social Security benefit and other inheritance claims.
How much it cost?
Genetic reconstruction requires complex analytical methods. Each genetic reconstruction case is different, so prices for these tests vary with each situation. Typically, these tests run between $1,200 and $1,800. Contact our DNA testing consultant at 800.DNA.EXAM for details online.
How long can the results take?
Genetic reconstruction is an extensive 

DNA test.

 The results from reconstruction can take up to 2-3 weeks to be released after the DNA testing company has received all the samples.
How conclusive are the results?
The results for genetic reconstructions vary with each case. We will provide you with a Combined Relatedness Index that will represent the odds in favor of genetic relationships between the child and the alleged family members. By using this number, the lab can determine the probability of relatedness between the child and the alleged family members.
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