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Paternity Testing - Discreet Paternity Testing for DNA Identity Testing and Relationship Test
Forensic samples are generally described as those "non-standard" samples that are used when standard samples (buccal swabs) are not possible to obtain (e.g. person(s) may be missing, deceased or otherwise unavailable). These forensic samples can be sent to the 

DNA Identity Testing Center

 for analysis.

The cost for testing forensic samples may vary. Because the quality/nature of a forensic sample cannot be guaranteed, there is the possibility that the DNA in the sample submitted may be degraded or may be insufficient, thereby not
allowing us to obtain a partial or full profile of the sample; however, the charge will still apply.

In theory, any sample that contains nucleated human cells will be a good source of DNA. Please call 800-DNA-Exam or write to our DNA Specialists at DNAtest@800dnaexam.com for any questions you may have regarding specific non-standard samples. For details on sample type, click here.

Forensic Parentage/Kinship Tests

In cases where a person cannot provide a buccal swab, a forensic sample may be used. Then, the total cost for the test will be the standard cost of the identity test plus a forensic sample surcharge (per sample). For instance, to conduct a 

paternity test

  with a standard swab sample from the child, but a forensic sample from the alleged father, the charge would be the cost of the paternity test plus one forensic sample.

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