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On August 5, officers from the Brooks County Sheriff's Department found a woman's body 20 miles from Highway 281, not far from Falfurrias.
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Bio-Synthesis, Inc. begins Mitochondrial DNA Testing or MtDNA, making it one of only a handful of labs to perfect the technology. MtDNA Testing allows Forensic scientist to get a profile from samples that are old or possibly damaged, where the usual technique may not be effective....
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DNA Retrieval from the Deceased
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Monday, April 06, 2009
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Tuesday, June 22, 2010
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All too often, we hear about cases where people claim to be heir to a recently deceased person's assets. Today, DNA testing is heavily relied upon to resolve questions of relatedness in these cases. However, many times the decedent has already undergone burial once a DNA test is decided to be necessary. So, then bodies are sometimes exhumed, which can expend a lot of time and monetary effort, and certainly cause emotional distress to the decedent's family. Had a DNA sample already been taken from the decedent, a DNA test could be performed quickly and efficiently. Some argue that DNA retrieval services are unethical. Had the person wanted to have their DNA profile made, they would have done so in their living years. While this may be true in some cases, it is difficult to argue that DNA retrieval from a decedent is not logical. In the past, other methods were used to determine biological relatedness in cases where people claimed to have been related to deceased persons. So, why not use DNA technology, which can quickly and accurately resolve these issues? It is likely that permission for DNA retrieval upon death will become a standard feature in wills and estate planning arrangements.

The DNA Identity Testing Center of Bio-Synthesis, Inc. is an active member of the AABB Relationship Testing Accreditation Program and actively participates in proficiency testing by the College of American Pathologists. With nearly 15 years experience in the DNA testing field, law enforcement, legal representatives and individuals alike trust BSI with their private and legal DNA testing issues, worldwide. Visit www.800dnaexam.com for a full description of all testing services.

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"I just want to thank the continued professional and courteous service your Customer Service team provided me during the stressful waiting period for the DNA results. I contacted both your phone support and instant chat support teams at least twice and received concerned support each time. Never did I feel like they thought I might be calling too much and needed to be more patient. I truly appreciate their consideration and patience during this time."
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