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Can I have DNA Testing from Earwax Samples?
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Friday, March 27, 2009
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Tuesday, March 22, 2011
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Can I have DNA Testing from Earwax Samples?

When people need, for various reasons, to have a DNA testing done, the normal, preferred sample to start up with is a buccal swab, where there are enough epithelial samples to obtain a genetic profile. All tissues or biological fluids from the human body contain the same genetic material, in other words, the source of DNA can be muscle tissue, hair, blood, semen, saliva, nails or even earwax. Certainly the best sample in normal cases will be epithelial cells from a buccal swab; however there may be instances where the interested individual may want to obtain a sample discretely and a sample of DNA other than buccal swab may be obtained. Keep in mind that sources other than buccal swabs or blood can provide a genetic profile, they may not always do so, for reasons dealing with variability in the amount of DNA in various sources (in nails, hair etc) the amounts collected and other reason, however in this special circumstances , one can make use of this non-standard samples. Other situations can be, in cases where a body has already been embalmed (this compromises the quality of the DNA that can be obtained, here eyebrows and earwax can be used. Earwax, also known as cerumen, is a yellowish waxy substance produced within the ear canal; earwax protects the ear canal and also cleans it and lubricates it and also provides protection against bacterial, fungi and insect infections. Most Caucasians and Asians have the honey-dark brown type of earwax, whereas, Asians have the dry/flaky type. Using home swabs, one can carefully collect earwax; the more the better, and whereas a swab tipful may be enough, 2-3 swabs if possible are desirable; collect carefully form the inner portion of the ear as opposed from the lobes( where soap/shampoo flakes are more prevalent)

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