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Can hair samples be used for DNA paternity testing? modified: 06/22/2010
Can parentage be established for a deceased or missing individual? modified: 06/22/2010
How many markers do you test? modified: 06/22/2010
What is chain of custody? modified: 06/22/2010
Do you ensure tests are performed correctly and DNA or paternity test results are accurate? modified: 06/22/2010
Can my results be used in court? modified: 06/22/2010
Will my DNA information be shared with medical insurance companies, the government, etc? modified: 06/22/2010
When will my results by ready? modified: 06/22/2010
How would I find a sample collection location in my city? modified: 06/22/2010
Can DNA testing help in inheritance and estate issues? modified: 06/22/2010
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"I just want to thank the continued professional and courteous service your Customer Service team provided me during the stressful waiting period for the DNA results. I contacted both your phone support and instant chat support teams at least twice and received concerned support each time. Never did I feel like they thought I might be calling too much and needed to be more patient. I truly appreciate their consideration and patience during this time."
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