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Our DNA testing services extended across the continents, making DNA Identity Testing Center of BSI the major DNA testing providers to the United States, South America, Asia and Africa.

Many international cases required test results defensible in court and in other legal proceedings, such as immigration, adoption, reunification, inheritance, sample donors' identities must be verified using a Chain of Custody process for all participants and documents involved. Our extensive international case consultants, along with local BSI offices, business partners and foreign service relationships, we have developed in the countries, ensures you receive the most reliable DNA testing services worldwide.

Which test is right for you depends on your situation? For immigration testing, a legally collected DNA test from accredited DNA paternity testing centers or laboratory is required; for an adopted child who has recently found her birth parents, a private, in-home collection may be more appropriate.

Have question and need an answer? Contact our experienced testing consultants by calling toll free: 800.DNA.EXAM or email your question to us to determine which the DNA tests that will meet your particular needs.

Below are short descriptions of the testing services we offer:

DNA Paternity Test
A DNA paternity test is used to establish a biological relationship between a father and a child. This results often used in immigration, child support, custody cases . Read more information on DNA Paternity Test.

DNA Maternity Test
A DNA maternity test determines the biological relationship between a mother and a child. This results often used in immigration, child support, custody cases , adoption, Surrogacy and in vitro fertilization dispute . Read more information on DNA Maternity Test.

Other DNA Tests
DNA tests can establish other biological relationships. Often, the question of paternity can be answered by other tests such as

Full/Half Sibling
Aunt/Uncle or Cousin

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"I just want to thank the continued professional and courteous service your Customer Service team provided me during the stressful waiting period for the DNA results. I contacted both your phone support and instant chat support teams at least twice and received concerned support each time. Never did I feel like they thought I might be calling too much and needed to be more patient. I truly appreciate their consideration and patience during this time."
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